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The U48 takes mail processing to a new level of intelligence and delivers productivity at its best.



Intelligent high performance modular mailing system

Dynamic businesses count on smart productivity tools to domore than simplymove themail. FMC U48 takes mail processing to a new level of intelligence and delivers productivity at its best.

With state-of-the-art technology and myneopost online services under your control, you’ll have the best-in-class solution tomeet your demandingmail roomneeds.

Easy to use the highly capable U48 with whisper quiet operation is fast and efficient. Improving productivity, providing cost control with added reliability the U48 will enhance business opportunities and objectives in organisations where mail handling must be optimised.

U48 Benefits:

Pricing your mail:

In-line weighing at 90 letters per minute automatically prices post by calculating size, thickness & weight up to 1kg.

An accurate weighing platform reduces costly stamping errors and improves reliability of your mail deliveries.


Mixed mail feeder:

Eliminates the need for pre-sorting mail by size.

Processes & seals up to 150 letters per minute.


Full colour touch screen control:

Intuitive and easy to use with no specialised training required.

The fail safe rate wizard helps eliminate the wrong postage being selected so you never spend more on post than you need to.


Advanced reporting:

Access in depth information on postal expenditure across your business.

Understanding trends as they emerge helps decisionmaking, ensuring you optimise budgets and access all Royal Mail discounts.

Efficiency optimised:

Smart Start technology eliminates keystrokes and saves time. Each time a mail piece is removed from the weigh platform, the system is set in motion

Short cut keys deliver quick selection for operational efficiency

Automatic setting of postal rate dies eliminates errors, ensures compliance and improves productivity

Imprint memory feature offers direct access for fast recall

Easy postal rate selection with fail safe Rate Wizard, quick short cuts, or select from most recently used rates

U48 Specifications:

U48 features; performance assured:

Ergonomically-designed control panel and menu screen

Menu selection is quick and easy

Whisper-quiet operation

Self-aligning mixed-size feeder allows reliable processing of mixed mail without manual adjustments

Dynamic scale categorises and franks mixed mail at speeds up to 90 letters per minute

Ink-replacement alerts delivered on the machine and by email

Operational Efficiency:

Speed (batch processing) 150 letters per minute

Inline weighing speed 90 letters per minute (dynamic scale)

Control panel colour touchscreen

Envelope – minimum 89mmx 127mm

Envelope – maximum 254mmx 330mm

Maximum envelope thickness 16mm

Label dispenser Automatic

Imprint memories 9

Mail Quality and Security:

Advertising slogans 8 standard/2 open

Mail-class Automatically printed

Incoming mail date stamp

Adjustable water flow for sealer

System Dimensions:

Length x Height x Depth 1219mm x 324mmx 442mm

With dynamic scale 1657mm x 324mmx 442mm

Account reporting 50 departments standard


For further details of this product, or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on 0151 494 5358 or EMAIL US TODAY.


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