Create a positive impression with the DP255 from FMC.



The DP225 Digital Franking Machine utilises leading-edge technology, making it a cost-effective way to communicate powerfully with existing and potential customers. It’s an invaluable asset for any small business that’s currently growing and has serious ambitions to ensure that growth continues.

The DP225 Digital Franking Machine is a compact, easy to use franking machine that fits easily on a desktop and allows you to benefit from minimising postage costs without compromising on efficiency.

DP255 Benefits:

Improved productivity - mail processing speeds of up to 45 pieces per minute

Enhanced visibilityallocate costs to up to 100 accounts

Greater flexibility - with an integrated 5kg weighing platform

Greater accuracy - with differential weighing

If you’ve never had a franking machine before, the DP225 Digital Franking Machine will revolutionise the way you deal with your mail. If your business has outgrown your current franking machine, it’s almost inevitable that you’re missing out on significant savings in time and money.

Making do with obsolete technology could be stalling the growth of your company and limiting awareness of your brand.

If you send between 20 and 75 pieces of mail a day, the DP225 makes an ideal upgrade. We’re confident it will have a positive effect on the

profitability of your business from the day it’s installed.

The DP225 can save your business time and money.

DP225 Specifications:

Maximum processing speed: 45 mail pieces per minute

Maximum number of accounts: 100

Monitoring and reporting facilities: Account, postage and meter reports

Maximum envelope thickness: 9.5mm

Capacity of integrated weight platform: 5kg

Other weighing options: 7, 12 and 35 kg

Differential weighing: Yes

Sealer: Yes

Maximum number of job presets: 5

Preferred connectivity method: LAN


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Mailmark Franking is the Royal Mails newest and most efficient Franking mark. It supersedes the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with an even faster, machine readable 2D barcode. MailMark will always be the lowest cost tariff for sending any singled franked letter.

The Royal Mail have announced that MailMark (formerly EIB) can be accessed via any MailMark™ Compatible Franking Machines from April 2014 onwards.

If your franking Machine is not operational or compatible with MailMark dont panic. Mailmark is only an additional way of printing a postage indicia and it will not be a replacement to the current franking machine ‘Value’ print. Mailmark will be beneficial in a number of ways including being more cost effective than using postage stamps and maybe cheaper than a traditional franked impression.

To receive the most cost effective competitive Mailmark franking machine quotation simply fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you with some ideal Mailmark solutions specifically designed for you.