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Accelerated processing plus maximised productivity



The easy-to-use, DP430 Automatic Digital Mailing System will amaze you with its simplicity and advanced capabilities.

The cutting-edge IntelliLink® technology contained within the DP430 provides an easy to use secure gateway to advanced features and services. IntelliLink® gives you access to a suite of services ensuring your system is kept current and operates at maximum efficiency. These include automatic downloads of postal rate changes and software upgrades. The DP430 also has the capability to download logos and advertising slogans transforming once manual processes into quick operations.

Correct value postage - every letter, every time The DP430 can incorporate an optional 5kg integral weighing platform, freeing up desk space and guaranteeing that each letter or package bears the correct postage value. There are also options for 7kg, 12kg and 35kg interfaced weighing platforms.

The optional differential weighing technology enables batches of mixed mail to be processed quickly and efficiently. The differential mail feature means that a collection of mail can be placed on the scale and the machine will calculate the correct postage for each mailpiece as it is removed from the pile.

DP430 Benefits:

Information management
It’s crucial for businesses to account for postage expenses. Departmental or client postage spend can be easily tracked and reported with the 25 standard accounts on the DP430; these can be upgraded to either 100 or 300 accounts if required. Reports can either be printed or there’s the option of exporting to a PC for further analysis.


Savings of up to 34% off standard mail costs with Cleanmail® Advance available through the DP430. By preparing your mail so that Royal Mail’s automated technology can read and verify the address and postcode, you can obtain a discount from the franking tariff price.

Preparing your mail you’ve helped Royal Mail to sort automatically and so they offer savings of up to 34% off standard mail costs.

ROYAL MAIL ANNOUNCE MAILMARK™ Mailmark™ combines a new barcode with innovative optical technology and digital performance reporting. When you adopt Mailmark™, you’ll know where your mail consignment is in the network, when it’s scheduled to arrive and how well it performs – all at a click.

DP430 Features:

  • Fast, accurate postage re-crediting
    IntelliLink® technology provides convenient, one-touch postage refills with PostagebyPhone® Get up to 55 days free credit with the post now pay later facility of Purchase PowerSM.

  • Always up to date
    IntelliLink® technology provides effortless, hassle free, postal rate downloads and software updates. With IntelliLink® technology you can be sure that your equipment is always up to date.

  • Easy to use
    All controls are fully integrated on one clear easy to use control panel with user-friendly instructions to guide the operator through each stage of processing mail.

  • Reduced mail preparation time
    Seal and frank your envelopes at the same time, resulting in a professional ready to mail document. Larger mail is quickly processed with self adhesive tape strips. Time is saved with 5 presets for your most commonly used jobs.

  • Auto-Dating eliminates returned mail due to misdating
    An internal clock advances the date automatically. Operators can advance the date to get a head-start on processing tomorrow’s mail.

  • Incoming mail dating
    Date and time stamping capability ensures your incoming mail is handled efficiently by providing the option of recording when it arrived.

  • Handle rate changes easily
    IntelliLink® technology allows postage rate changes to occur automatically.

  • Digital technology is a gateway to the future
    The DP430’s digital meter satisfies all current postal regulations, and the technology’s flexibility makes the DP430 adaptable for the future.

  • Savings of up to 34% off standard mail costs
    With Cleanmail® Advance available through the DP430 franking machine.


For further details of this product, or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on 0151 494 5358 or EMAIL US TODAY.

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