Pitney Bowes Professional Equipment Cleaning Kit

Everything you need to ensure your equipment is clean and dust free improving performance and life.

Pitney Bowes Professional Equipment Cleaning Kit

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  • Pitney Bowes Professional Equipment Cleaning Kit

    Used and recommended by our service engineers
    Everything you need to keep office equipment in tip top condition and operating at peak efficiency, this essential and versatile kit will allow you to remove the harmful build-up of static, dirt, dust and grime that can lead to annoying and time-consuming breakdowns. Suitable for all your office equipment and furniture.

    Kit contains:-
    • 20 Absorbent Dry Wipes
    • 10 Telephone Wipes
    • 10 Toner Wipes
    • 8 Hand Wipes
    • Keyboard Cleaning Tool
    • Pack of 100 Long Cotton Buds
    • Microfibre Flannel
    • 2 Pairs of Rubber Gloves
    • CD/DVD Lens Cleaner
    • Tub of 100 Screen Cleaning Wipes
    • 300ml Air Duster
    • 400ml Foam Cleaner
    • acked into a convenient plastic briefcase.

    Note: Your machine should be cleaned each time your ink is replaced.

    If you're not sure this is the cleaning kit you need, just call FMC on FREEPHONE 0800 955 2341 and we'll take it from there.

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