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FMC'c newest solution designed to provide secure, compliant access management for visitors, employees, and contractors.

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Providing consistently compliant and welcoming workplaces

Smart Access Management (SAM) enables contactless staff, contractor and visitor sign-in in an easy-to-use workplace visitor management system that:

  • Complies with visitor health checks

  • Streamlines, real-time visibility of processes

  • Manages physical and digital business access

  • Improves security in the new hybrid world of work

The workplace has changed, but the need to manage access to your business remains

The workplace today is not what it was. During the pandemic remote working took off to such an extent that – while some personnel are finally returning to the office – the great majority of organisations (up to 83%) anticipate a hybrid mix of on-premises and working from home to continue for the foreseeable future. 

These changes to working life have complicated matters when it comes to providing access to the workplace. Where once it was simply enough to maintain a warm, welcoming reception for visitors, organisations today must also keep a close eye on access permissions in real-time to keep buildings and staff secure while ensuring they comply with regulations at all times.

Many businesses are therefore re-evaluating their workplace entry systems to see if there’s an altogether smarter way – one that uses modern intelligent technology – to meet both the physical and virtual needs of our digital world.


The Smart Access Management effortlessly lets managers digitally control, check and administer entry authorisation  for hybrid workers as well as visiting guests and third party contractors either physically 
at an entry kiosk or remotely in advance 
via an easy-to-use system portal.

SAM Features:   

  • Pre-booking of facilities to support positive attitudes to hybrid working

  • Large screen, dual language support to help visitors notify their arrival

  • Ease of use, avoiding bottlenecks at reception

  • Flexibility to suit different reception set ups and visitor types

  • Zero touch access via QR code for frequent visitors and users who pre-register

  • Customisable of graphics and kiosk appearance for brand consistency

  • Robust, premium stand alone kiosk and desk-based hardware

Intelligent technology for constantly changing requirements and back-end prerequisites.

Embracing new technology to help solve some of your biggest challenges as a business can not only enable new ways of working, but help your organisation accelerate its transformation journey and provide greater depth of capability and assurance.

SAM is a digital tech whizz and can help drive transformation


SAM delivers a complete, real-time and data-driven view of all your people, visitors and contractors to help give you greater control and visibility.


SAM brings a high level of technical expertise, aligning with and supporting every requirement your IT teams have, helping reduce administrative burden and make controlling access more intelligent than ever.


SAM understands the rapidly evolving requirements of modern organisations and offers secure Azure cloud hosting (ISO27001) and total GDPR compliance for smarter document management, more reliable centralised data capture and offline registration during network outages. 

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Protecting your people, position and reputation through absolute control and compliance.

New regulatory, compliance and health risks mean that protecting your people, position and reputation is critically important in a new hybrid world of work. To do so, you need an intelligent solution that can identify and manage every employee, visitor and contractor on site in real-time.

SAM is available 24/7 to protect your people and reputation

SAM is always ready to help protect your people, position and reputation. Our entire system is totally customisable and SAM is compliance-led too so makes it simple to control onsite and remote workplace access across all of your physical and digital locations.


SAM holds the digital keys to the  building and all your systems too to provide total visibility and data-driven access management to help ensure everyone entering your premises has the required level of certification and approval.


And SAM can help minimise health risks, drive increased security, ensure compliance and protect brand integrity while intelligently managing risk. 

SAM lets you:

  • Manage who is on-site and for how long

  • Know 100% that people on-site are entitled to be there

  • Restrict access according to current recommendations and regulations

  • Check everyone entering has all relevant approvals and certification

  • Customise on-screen visitor information about policies and procedures

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Smart Access Management (SAM) like no other

Seamless Experience

SAM creates a welcoming, actively managed environment for your authorised visitors. A single centralised control point lets you manage access for all your visitors, giving employees, contractors and guests a warm seamless experience and a welcoming environment – everywhere.


SAM’s intelligent technology readily adapts to constantly changing requirements and back-end prerequisites. Trade up to a smart entry system that meets the rapidly evolving data-driven demands of modern organisations.

Hybrid Working

SAM lets you manage the physical and virtual needs of today’s hybrid workforce. Pre-registered regular visitors simply check-in using a QR code issued in advance or physically on arrival at a large screen kiosk. Meeting rooms, parking spaces and other facilities may also be pre-booked for optimal simplicity and convenience.


SAM protects your people, premises and reputation by giving you complete control over data privacy, personal wellbeing and workplace safety. Managers can remotely track visitor movements at any office in the network in real time, helping staff feel secure knowing any strangers they see are authorised to be there and are on legitimate business.


SAM’s flexible finance offerings and configurations mean you get 
everything you need from software to hardware, onboarding, maintenance and SLA. All from one trusted supplier and at a single price point that suits your needs and those of your business. 


SAM allows you to check and enforce compliance measures governing data security, valid documentation and health & safety at work. Sensitive information is securely stored in the cloud while copies of essential certifications – like a negative COVID test for example – can be checked in advance. Front desk staff have fewer distractions helping them to focus on giving visitors a warm welcome.

Smart Access Management (SAM) made affordable

SAM intelligent workplace entry services are available on flexible financial terms designed to suit every businesses size and requirement. We work closely with you to configure SAM just the way you want it and provide the assurance of working with a single supplier to drive cost savings through a fixed payment plan with built-in flexibility to expand or change your requirements as your business grows. 

With a phased commercial agreement, you can finance your SAM system to help build back better with a flexible 36 or 60 month fixed term contract built around your needs. 

You can benefit from:

  • Direct cost savings to make it cheaper and easier than ever to leverage advanced Smart Access Management

  • Fixed payments and positive cash flow for greater long-term transparency and increased resilience

  • Immediate use of equipment and tech so you get a constant custodian for all your physical and digital spaces

  • More easily manageable off balance sheet debt to provide greater clarity and assurance

  • The ability to turn Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) into Operating Expenses (OPEX) for a more flexible configuration

  • Access to forward-looking, integrated technology that is future-proof and built to evolve around your needs as your business grows

Your Smart Access Management solution can be built to suit your business needs

SAM brings a truly flexible range of hardware and software configurations to suit your business requirements. 

Covering everything from installation to ongoing professional services and maintenance, we help ensure you have everything you need at a price point that works for you.

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Choose from different configurations

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