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Changes to Franking scheme in support of correct payments by customers. 


Royal Mail updated its Franking Scheme in October 2011 and publications were printed explaining these changes.

They also are phasing out all non mail mark meters by 2022 which may mean a replacement machine is needed.

Iit is also now a requirement and the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have the current tariff rates loaded onto their Franking equipment & scales.

As such the next scheduled rate change to affect Franked postal services is due in April, therefore you will be sent further communication closer to the time in relation to the products and services that are changing.

We will also be contacting all affected customers with the Mailmark upgrade programme to organise this in good time ahead of Royal Mail changes but please contact us if you have any queries.

Relax, we've got it covered... with our Software Assurance Programme

FMC's Software Assurance Programme has been designed to save our customers money by ensuring that any rate change throughout the year is covered.

Any Royal Mail, Parcelforce or rate change update that needs to be carried out is included within the programme.

As you are aware HMRC introduced VAT on specific Royal Mail products and services in January 2011. As a result, it has been identified there could be instances where your business may not be receiving a VAT statement for processing these VAT affected services.

This may occur if you manually enter the postage value instead of using the rate table in the meter. As a result of this, and to ensure that your meter meets all HMRC and Royal Mail requirements for VAT, there has been a software update to your franking machine.

The software upgrade will make navigating the rate menu structure easier and allow the correct price to be selected using the appropriate class in conjunction with the weight from the weighing platform. ‘Key in Postage’ will only be available for miscellaneous postal products in future. Please note that this will affect any existing job presets where the value has been manually entered.

In today’s modern business environment there can be a bewildering array of upgrades and changes continuously taking place. To give our customers the peace of mind to know they will be able to access the latest products and discounts for one reasonable fixed quarterly charge we have developed Software Assurance.

FMC have developed this scheme so that you our customers always had the latest postal rates available without the hassle of worrying when these changes may affect you. The programme means that you can easily budget for all upgrades with a single payment.

Some Franking Machines have to have the postal update software updated from time to time and this is not normally covered by your maintenance contract. This programme ensures that you always have first class service from us to minimise any downtime associated with your mailroom operation.

Please complete and send back the below form into us to enter into our Software Assurance Program. The cost of this service is £49.00 per quarter for customers on Direct Debit based on an annual contract, or an annual payment of £179.00 + VAT, and covers ALL postal updates needed for both your Franking Meter and Scale. It even covers a free change of machine if your software is incompatible with the new standards.


For further details of this product, or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on 0151 494 5358 or EMAIL US TODAY.


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