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RELAY 3500


Productivity and confidence is built in.

RELAY 3500


Eliminate the time-consuming task of folding and inserting your mail with the Relay 3500 folder inserter.

Our simple user experience is designed on a tried and tested platform that enables you to finish up to 20,000 mail pieces per month. With accuracy and reliability built in, your team gains confidence knowing that your critical mail is getting out the door accurately on time, every time, without errors.

The Relay 3500 folder inserter gives you simple, accurate and reliable mail assembly.


Thoughtfully designed for any user.

Eliminate costly delays due to manual errors.


Keep mail process moving with fast, uninterrupted performance.

Relay 2500 Specifications:

System: Relay 3500

Cycle speed: 3,000 per hour

Colour touchscreen: UI Standard

Monthly capacity: Up to 20,000/month

Feeder configuration: 2 Sheet feeders, 1 insert feeder, outer envelope feeder

Fold options: C, Z, Half (V), Double

Integrity options: OMR, 2D

Cascade from sheet feeders: Yes

Envelope sealing: Standard

Accumulate before folding: C or Z fold up to 5 sheets*

Half fold up to 10 sheets (2 groups of 5)*

Double Fold (US Legal Paper) up to 3 sheets*

Sheet Feeder: Tray(s)

Capacity per tray: 325 sheets 75 gsm/20 lb paper (650 sheets total)

Paper sizes: Minimum: 178 mm (7") Width x 178 mm (7") Length

Maximum: 229 mm (9") Width x 406 mm (16") Length

Paper weights: Minimum: 75 gsm/20 lb Maximum: 120 gsm/32lb

Insert Feeder Tray: Capacity 300

Media sizes: Minimum: 127 mm (5") Width x 82 mm (3.25") Length Maximum: 230 mm (9") Width x 152 mm (6") Length

Media weights: Minimum: 75 gsm/20 lb (non-folded cut sheet), 60 gsm/16 lb (folded material)

Maximum: 180 gsm/50 lb (single sheet) maximum compressed thickness of 2 mm (.078")

Envelope specifications: Capacity up to 100

Envelope Sizes: Minimum: 88 mm (3.5") Deep x 220 mm (8.5") Wide

Maximum: 164 mm (6.5") Deep x 242 mm (9.5") Wide

Envelope weights: Minimum: 65 gsm (17 lb) Maximum: 100 gsm (26 lb)

Programmable jobs: 20


For further details of this product, or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on 0151 494 5358 or EMAIL US TODAY.



Opening the post each day by hand and can valuable time out of the working day. It could also mean delays in processing cheques, sales orders, customer enquiries or even complaints.


Royal Mail updated its Franking Scheme in October 2011 and publications were printed explaining these changes.

One of these changes was that it is now a requirement and the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have the current tariff rates loaded onto their Franking equipment & scales.

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