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With its compact, large loading/unloading capabilities and many enhanced features, the DP75 brings you the highest level of convenience, productivity and versatility.



Versatile, Productive and Easy to Use:

• Colour touch screen for ease of use

• High capacity vertical stacker

• Fold up to 10 sheets in a single envelope

• Handles wide variety of inserts

DP75 Productivity:

• High capacity feeders for continuous output

• High capacity vertical stacker

• Easy to use control panel with intuitive colour touch screen

• Fills up to 3600 envelopes per hour

• flexFeeders handle just about any insert size or type - A4, A5, leaflets, postcards or envelopes


Process Management:

• Double document detection eliminates the risk of sending information to the wrong addressee/recipient

• Anyone can use the DS-75 with its unique Load’N Go® feature

• Processing documents with varying pages and inserts is easy. Simply select a grouping criterion, such as the invoice number, and you can collate multiple pages for the same recipient

• Optional Barcode Recognition (BCR) - gives additional security when sending varying numbers of pages to different addresses. Ideal for financial and confidential mail

• Mail Piece Production Control for a complete document audit trail

Personalise Content:

Add Neopost Output Management Software to control envelope filling. Accurate and reliable, this is a simple way to apply varied content securely and efficiently. The software applies barcodes which manage personalisation, for example the number and type of insert per addressee.

The bar code can be read by an optional reader in the machine. As a result it is easy to ensure that the right information reaches the right person, and just as importantly any sensitive personal information does not go astray.

Cost Savings:

• Folding and inserting A4 letters into DL and C5 envelopes gives access to Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion discounts, saving at least 22p per item

• Manually folding and inserting can cost 6p per item


Effective Communications:

• Conveys a professional image with neat folds and correctly located address

• Collates and assembles all documents before folding them so when opened all documents are presented together and in the right order

• Large powerFold capacity supports up to 10 sheets in a single envelope

• Boost sales by handling marketing communications in-house, from dedicated mailshots to inclusion of marketing materials in other mail


For further details of this product, or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on 0151 494 5358 or EMAIL US TODAY.



Opening the post each day by hand and can valuable time out of the working day. It could also mean delays in processing cheques, sales orders, customer enquiries or even complaints.


Royal Mail updated its Franking Scheme in October 2011 and publications were printed explaining these changes.

One of these changes was that it is now a requirement and the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have the current tariff rates loaded onto their Franking equipment & scales.

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