Experience a more complete sending solution.

Simplify the way your office sends domestic and international parcels with Royal Mail and Parcelforce® Worldwide.



Experience a more complete sending solution. By integrating with the shipping label printer and the digital scale, the SendPro+ solution makes it easy to weigh, compare service options, print shipping labels, track parcels and manage expenses online - for both carriers, all in one easy-to-use solution. What’s more, you’ll save up to 75% on Parcelforce retail rates and take advantage of Royal Mail Delivery Confirmation service and preferential Mailmark™ pricing, with savings of up to 33% versus stamps.

SendPro + Benefits:

Accurate shipping

  • Pay the right price for the services you select every time.

  • Integrated scales to accurately weigh, input dimensions (for large
    letters and
     parcels) & print accurate shipping labels.

  • Connect directly to supported carrier accounts for accurate rates.

  • Higher capacity scales (choose from12kg or 35kg) available for weighing letters, large letters and even larger parcels.

Ease of use

  • Print labels to an integrated printer.

  • Weigh envelopes, large letters and parcels on the integrated scale.

  • Print and seal letters at up to 65 items per minute.

Track parcels and control costs

  • Consolidate your tracking information onto a single platform.

  • View and print one consolidated report of all parcels shipped.

  • Respond quickly to inquiries with access to detailed reports.

One address list to do it all

  • Select addresses from one list for all carrier shipments.

  • Easily upload contact lists or add new contacts as needed.

  • You can include email addresses for automatic tracking notifications on deliveries.

Simplify and save

  • Know how much you are paying before you ship.

  • See all your carrier’s service options and pricing on one easy-to-read screen.

  • Ship and track from any desktop computer.

  • Secure sign-in with access to all shipments. See recent or view your history.

  • Enable additional users to ship, track or manage costs from their computer.

  • Maximise savings by creating best practice shipping processes.

SendPro + Specifications:

  • User display: 7” colour touchscreen

  • Envelope processing: Up to 65 items per minute; semi-automatic feeding

  • Envelope moistener:  Standard

  • Integrated scale:  Up to 7kg

  • Shipping label printer: European shipping label printer uses continuous thermal labels (Product code:117317P). Not compatible with 4” x 6” labels. Compliant to Royal Mail and ParcelForce® Worldwide.

  • Electrical and approvals: 240V AC 50/60HZ 0.65-3A

  • Dimensions:  (WxDxH) 419mm x 384mm x 292mm (with integrated scale)

  • Envelope sizes:  Up to 9.5mm thickness.

  • Media sizes: 76mm x 127mm up to 330mm x 381mm

  • Carrier: Royal Mail and ParcelForce® Worldwide.

  • Label and report printing: Print to network printer

  • Connectivity: LAN (wired) or Wi-Fi (wireless)

  • Basic accounting: Up to 100 accounts; Up to 10 devices


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Mailmark Franking is the Royal Mails newest and most efficient Franking mark. It supersedes the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with an even faster, machine readable 2D barcode. MailMark will always be the lowest cost tariff for sending any singled franked letter.

The Royal Mail have announced that MailMark (formerly EIB) can be accessed via any MailMark™ Compatible Franking Machines from April 2014 onwards.

If your franking Machine is not operational or compatible with MailMark dont panic. Mailmark is only an additional way of printing a postage indicia and it will not be a replacement to the current franking machine ‘Value’ print. Mailmark will be beneficial in a number of ways including being more cost effective than using postage stamps and maybe cheaper than a traditional franked impression.

To receive the most cost effective competitive Mailmark franking machine quotation simply fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you with some ideal Mailmark solutions specifically designed for you.